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At the beginning of (Month) 2013, I started my college application process. I quickly realized I had no idea what to do. My friend Google had zero helpful info. I began to hyperventilate, and sat in my room in a cold sweat. I was a great high school athlete. Don’t college coaches call up all good athletes and give them scholarships? Sadly, no.

Luckily, my parents knew what they were doing. If not, I would have been screwed.

I was a good wrestler, but not the best in the country. No college coach bribed me with free cars to attend their school. My grades in high school were near perfect, but I wasn’t some super genius. Colleges were not lining up to give me academic scholarships and grants. Without properly showcasing both my athletic and academic achievements, I would not have gotten into a great school.

Eventually, I chose to enroll early decision at Wesleyan University in (), and was accepted shortly thereafter. Wesleyan is consistently ranked within the top 20 best colleges in the country. Wesleyan has changed my life. A great education opens up opportunities most people do not realize exist. The opportunities go beyond awesome jobs. The people that go to the best colleges are among the smartest, and most driven minds in the world. At Wesleyan, most of my classmates are destined for greatness.

I do not mean to come off as so dramatic. I truly believe getting into a top academic institution is life altering. I want to help people get into amazing schools.

Applying for college doesn't

have to be so stressful

I have talked to so many people who have said to me, “I have not gotten any scholarships, and I have no idea how to contact coaches! I can barely even understand how to apply for college!” I felt the same way during my the college application process, so I don’t blame them at all. 

My parents and I wished there was a step by step guide explaining how to use academics and athletics to maximize college opportunities. Learning through trial and error is no way to approach college applications. I am surprised to say it, but I created the Acute Recruit Video Course, because there was nothing else out there like it.

You don’t have to go into the college admissions process blind.

My goal with the Acute Recruit Video Course is not to give people useless information. The course is designed with the most innovative strategies, to take you step by step through the college application and recruitment process.

These methods work, and have been proven. I used them to get into college. Basically every athlete that gets into the best colleges has used these methods, save for the few superstar phenoms.

(Video Testimonial- Coach Gonzalez/Daughter, Or podcast person, famous person?)

What You'll Learn

Maximizing School Choices

There are lots of schools in the world. Many people get discouraged, because they don’t think they have the grades or athletic achievements to get into the best schools. Many of the best schools have a hard time recruiting top athletic talent, because they are unknown by the general public. The course will teach how to take advantage of this.

Standing Out to College Coaches

College coaches are integral to the college application process. Coaches can often bend their school’s rigorous academic requirements, in order to get their athlete in. Of course, the high school athlete must do several things to make college coaches care enough to put in the effort of getting said athlete into the school. Presentation is everything. These tactics will be learned in the course.

Intricacies of College Admissions

The actual college admissions process seems straightforward, but it is anything but that. The top colleges all like to be ‘unique’, so they sometimes have special requirements. These requirements include tests and essays. Even interviews are sometimes needed to solidify one’s place in a high caliber learning facility. But, in some cases you don’t even need to take the SAT.

Building Relationships with Coaches

Getting college coaches to notice you is one thing. Getting them to like you is another thing. If coaches hate you, they most certainly will not help you get into their school. Coaches are always recruiting multiple athletes, so constant communication is crucial.

Preparation for Entrance Essay & Exam

The college entrance essays and exams can make or break you. A great essay, and a high SAT or ACT score is integral to a good college application. Regardless of your GPA, colleges will not be happy if you don’t do well on the essays or tests. On the other hand, a lower GPA can be overlooked with an ridiculous SAT score.

What To Do With Poor Grades

It is no secret that grades are the name of the game. Still, if you don’t have the best grades, and are determined to work hard to go to a four year university, you still have options. Also, many people get discouraged because they don’t think they are a good enough athlete to get into college. This often proves to be untrue.

(Video Testimonial) I am so grateful for the Acute Recruit Video Course. Super simple, easy to understand.

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9 Powerful
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entire recruitment and college application process.
This includes everything from setting up a landing page,
to contacting college coaches.

Multiple Examples
& Templates

designed to lower the burden,
and make the entire process easier.
This includes college entrance essays,
SAT/ACT, landing pages, and more.


Video Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 – What to Expect from This Course

Lesson 2 – Maximizing School Choices

Lesson 3 – Narrowing Down School Choices

Lesson 4 – Becoming Attractive to Coaches

Lesson 5 – Building a Powerful Online Resume

Lesson 6 – Contacting Coaches & Building Relationships

Lesson 7 – College Admission’s Requirements

Lesson 8 – Application Process

Lesson 9 – How to Afford School

Bonus – What to do with Poor Grades

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About Me


What’s up? My name is Carter. Acute Recruit was a response to my college application and recruitment journey. I am the wrestling captain at Wesleyan University, and will be a senior their next year. One thing I discovered in college was the fancy private school students generally had a solid understanding of how to get into good colleges, while most middle class public schoolers had no idea.  

I started Acute Recruit in the middle of 2017, and have been focused on getting student athletes into great colleges ever since.

When I am not working on Acute Recruit or other entrepreneurial projects, I am reading, traveling, or engaged in general lounging.


How long do I have access to the course?

The answer is forever. Purchasing the course gives you full access to the videos and any upgrades or additional content in the future. Just make sure not to delete them.

How do I access the course?

After you purchase the course, the videos will be sent to you in a downloadable format. Once you download them they will be on your computer, and you can watch them. The templates and examples will be in pdf form.

Can I just find this info for free online?

You may be able to find little snippets of this information online. But it would be hard to decipher, and you would get a lot of useless information mixed in. The Acute Recruit Video Course is much more detailed than anything out there, and we make sure all the information is in one place.

What’s your refund policy?

You can request a refund within 15 days of purchasing the video course. When you ask for a refund, please provide proof that you have at least made an attempt to watch the videos and implement their advice.

The video course will only help you if you actually follow through and commit yourself. I am incredibly confident that the course will help you get into the best school possible if you are focused.

I have a different question.

If you don’t see your question here, then feel free to contact me. Send a message through the contact form on the website. It is located in the header bar under contact.

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Your Results

You’ll have…

• A well executed college admissions plan
• A powerful resume or brand to attract coaches
• More college choices and opportunities
• Advice from coaches that have gotten athletes into college
• Resources for test taking and writing essays
• Relationships with parents and students going through the recruiting process
• Reduced stress in the college application process
• The confidence and satisfaction that comes with the knowledge of how to navigate the recruitment process.

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The Acute Recruit Video Course

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